Welcome to Lake Auman

Welcome to our beauiful lake and to the Lake Auman Sports Club website.
The LASC is an organization of resident members who participate in a wide range of activities and programs including social, fishing and sports shooting events and projects aimed at preserving the quality of the Lake Auman experience including addressing environmental concerns, restocking and lake cleanup and water safety programs.

Last fall, LASC volunteered to fund and erect a flagpole at the newly completed Seven Lakes West front entrance. For complete details, click here.

On Jan. 31, 2016, LASC Brings Piano Bar Night to Seven Lakes West!
In early January, we announced that the Lake Auman Sports Club wanted to help break your mid-winter doldrums – Dave Makson, dueling piano player from Crocodile Rocks in Myrtle Beach, will be tickling the ivories and belting out your favorite requests right here at the SLW Community Center on Sunday, January 31 from 5 – 8 PM. See attached flyer. It promises to be a fun night out and party with a group of folks who support the many projects and wonderful events that the Sports Club conducts.

As of (1/20), the Piano Bar Night event at SLW is SOLD OUT. George at the SLW front desk will be keeping a waiting list. If you find you have tickets that you are unable to use you can return them to George if you wish.  Sorry, no refunds.
Stan Makson, President, Lake Auman Sports Club”

Reminder: Finger food, snacks & setups furnished. BYOB for beverages.

CHRISTMAS TREES NEEDED FOR LAKE AUMAN SPORTS CLUB PROJECT. If you have not yet disposed of your Christmas tree, the Sports Club wants it to be used to create fish habitats again this year in Lake Auman. You can drop off your tree in the designated tree drop area located at the Longleaf boat storage area. If you need assistance with disposing of your tree, contact Don Smith (673-1618, email DonBSmith@gmail.com). Thank you.

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Bluegill Stocking for Lake Auman
Over 3,500 bluegill, averaging 4-6 inches in length, were added to Lake Auman in September, 2015, by volunteers from the Lake Auman Sports Club. The stocking of these fish by the Seven Lakes Landowners Association with help from the Sports Club addresses the primary recommendations for Lake Auman identified in a professional lake study conducted in 2012.
The “Bluegill Bucket Brigade” volunteers placed these fish in the lake at ten different locations that were spread around the lake and that provided good cover. The fish were purchased from and delivered by Carolina Fish Hatchery in Turkey, NC and were certified non-invasive species.



The Bucket Brigade
(l to r) Don Smith, Stan Makson, Charlie Flinchum and Dave Lamon