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Welcome to our beauiful lake and to the Lake Auman Sports Club website.
The LASC is an organization of resident members who participate in a wide range of activities and programs including social, fishing and sports shooting events and projects aimed at preserving the quality of the Lake Auman experience including addressing environmental concerns, restocking and lake cleanup and water safety programs.


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LASC July 8 Meeting
7:00PM WSPCC Activities Room
Stephen Greer, Moore County Director for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, will be our presenter at our July 8 Sports Club meeting. His presentation will include important information regarding our lake including our existing types of aquatic vegatation, weed management alternatives and how to avoid invasive plants and other invasive species. Also, recently appointed SLWLA Lake and Dam Director, Bob Fewkes, will share his thoughts and plans for our lake in his new role and answer question you may have for him..  I'm sure you will find their presentations very interesting and most informative.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend.  This meeting will be open to the public so bring your friends.  See you there.

Don Smith President